We do print.

For an innovative prototype, a new game or a missing piece, we have something for you.

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File modeling

Optional .stl file modeling service, based on plans or existing parts.

0.05 mm resolution

The thickness of the material layers has dropped to 0.05mm in SLA and 0.10mm in PLA.

Fine finish

Various possibilities of colors tinted in the mass, and 40 shades of paint.

Fast dispatch

Shipping straight after printing, in a protected package, with tracking number.


Your work is safe on the entire production line, sheltered on our servers.

Direct Upload

Send your files directly up to 500MB, no third party services neede

Easy checklist

Use our checklist to properly prepare your file.


We provide free samples for any quote, upon request.

3 steps

Here are the steps to follow when printing your .stl file !

1. Stl export

Export your 3D file in STL format in ASCII mode, following our preparation tips.

Check out our guide: stereoleap.com/en/preparation.html.

2. Upload

Upload your * file to stereoleap.com/en/upload by filling out the form. You receive a quote within 24 hours.

** Allowed .zip, .3dm, .stl and .skp files, max. 500 MB.

3. Printing

After validation of the quote, the printing starts, with follow-up pictures by mail.

The package then leaves our workshop, you receive the tracking number by email.

2 technologies

PLA Plastic



Economic formula, PLA filament deposition. Perfect for repairing a broken part, or an innovative prototype...

  • PLA Filament
  • 0.10 mm resolution
  • Normal quality
  • colored Filaments (12 colors)
  • Parts up to 20 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Picture before dispatch
  • Safe packaging

SLA Resin



Increased precision and smoother surfaces. Ideal for more specific topics of jewelery for example...

  • SLA Resin
  • 0.05 mm resolution
  • Superior quality
  • Black, white, castable or flex.
  • Parts up to 12 x 19 x 20 cm
  • Picture before dispatch
  • Safe packaging

Possible options

3D Modeling

35/h ou €75/h

Konw more

If you do not have a 3D .stl file, we can model your existing object or correct your errors.

  • Modeling from existing part
  • Cleaning .stl file
  • Modeling correction

Smoothing / Painting

On estimate


Sanding with sandpaper, then applying a light coat of paint.

  • Sandpaper gr. 600
  • Light coat of paint
  • Color chart 400 colors...

+ Gift card



To offer, prepaid cards are the perfect gift. You only pay their value, the card themselves and the shipping are free !

  • Lifetime validity
  • Free amount
  • Free shipping